How it all started.  

This story begins at the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose, California.

A college student, fresh out of university, graduated with little enthusiasm for career and life. I thought to myself, is this it? You just graduate, find a safe 9-to-5 lifestyle, commute 3 hours, and call it a day? What happened to doing work you're passionate about? What happened to working long hours to make an impact, inspire someone, and different?

To my parents, success meant being average, so we're not ridiculed by our extended family and friends. To me, success is interesting, empowering, unique, and a fun journey. All those hours I put into university for personal growth, to be involved, learn about globalization, travel the world, and inspire students and women to think bigger-- were they all accomplished to simply live a f***ing average life?

If my days in university are going to be my best days, does that mean I'll always live thinking of the past, instead of excitement for the future?

Upon entering the workforce, I was completely unsatisfied with what I had accomplished that year, personally and professionally. As someone who thrives on doing passionate work, I only had one choice to live my dream life--and that is to find work I resonate with. 

During this time, I desperately bred motivation to change my life. The immense passion I had for marketing, women empowerment, start ups, and weight lifting during university carried on over to my passion project and intersected. Thus, came forth the Mighty Buns Athletics brand. A brand that empowers women in the fitness industry.

What the brand stands for. 

The name, Mighty Buns, stands for tough and bold, but also cute and feminine. We want to bring women up, make them feel powerful, love their bodies, and learn to care for it.

What I believe in.

 Positivity, Value, and Consistency are the main drivers. The products and content curated and delivered to you are from the bottom of my heart--what I want you to understand to know what's best for yourself.

Ultimately, Mighty Buns is on a mission to change the way women perceive weight lifting, strength training, and fitness in general. By becoming more educated about your body, you are equipped with the knowledge to know your capabilities, build your confidence, and become amazed by what it can do and the results that follow after.

As of right now, a step-at-a-time, we want to change the way women view the weightlifting section of the gym. Rather than seeing it as an intimidating section filled with guys and masculine products, go in there with confidence knowing what exercises to do that work for you!

Thank you.

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