How it all started.

This story begins at the heart of Silicon Valley, Cupertino, California.
Cassie Kwong, the founder of Mighty Buns Athletics, developed a passion for women empowerment and weightlifting during university. This love for strength training and enthusiasm to be more inclusive in the gym for all others, carried over to her interest in marketing and entrepreneurship. These passions intersected, giving birth to the Mighty Buns Athletics brand. A brand that empowers people in the fitness industry.

What the brand stands for.

We advocate for self-love and self-care because ultimately that is what true strength looks like to us. Fitness is one of the ways to take care of the mind, body, and soul.
The name, Mighty Buns, stands for tough and bold, but also soft and feminine. We want to bring people up, inspire strength and inner alignment, and educate them on how to care for and be in tune with their bodies.

What we believe in.

Mighty Buns is on a mission to transform the way people think about fitness. We believe that understanding yourself, practicing self-love, and respecting yourself are the keys to achieving your wellness and body goals in a healthy and sustainable way.
Our three core values are consistency, optimism, and self-awareness. Taking responsibility for yourself in a consistent manner, having an optimistic outlook during difficult times, and being mindful of yourself are the foundations of self-love, resilience, and inner strength.
Rather than following a temporary challenge or putting too much pressure on our minds and bodies, we want to help you make lasting changes by getting to know yourself and practicing self-love and self-care. We hope to be a beacon of light that encourages you to listen to your body, mind, and soul.
Experience life's truest freedom by feeling empowered to live your fullest potential. Get to know yourself and unlock your potential.

Thank you.

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