1. What size are your bands?

All of our bands come in one size. They are 14 inches long, 3 inches wide. The reason why we only sell them in one size is that we measure our bands based on the weight, rather than the length. As long as the band can slip over your legs, they fit you.

The weight and elasticity of the bands are what changes the difficulty levels, not the length. There are many bands in the market where they sell different band sizes, claiming that the difficulty gets harder as the band gets smaller, which isn't true. Adjusting the length actually does not change the difficulty level.

Our bands come in 150 lbs and 200 lbs. Our best selling is our 200 lbs because it is heavy and will definitely give you the booty burn and growth you're looking for. Most people only take their favorite band to work out with. At most, two bands to target different muscle groups. 


2. What happens if my band started to fray?

We will replace it free of charge if your band started fraying after just a couple uses during your first month after purchase. We sincerely apologize for that as fraying should only happen after many uses.

Shoot us an email and we'll in our system when you ordered our band. Then, we'll send you a new band for free as a replacement! 

Insight: When bands fray or when the elastic pops out, it does not ruin the strength and quality of the band. It may not look nice but the product still works just fine. So don't worry! 

It is normal for fraying to happen to cotton bands and especially to the heavier kinds because you are constantly pulling, tugging, and stretching these heavy-duty bands apart. They will naturally cause the elastics to become looser over time. The heavier they are, the tighter they are sown together. 

Our high-quality heavy-duty bands are made with tiny little elastic rubber threads wrapped and sewn together in cotton. That means that if one elastic starts to stick out, the strength still remains because there are still hundreds of little elastic threads inside and the cotton threads are doing its job to keep it all together.

Tip: To fix the fraying and make it look better, you could always try cutting the elastic sticking out or tug on the elastic that is causing the wave/squiggles and cut the extra elastic sticking out. Hope that helps! 


3. Is your 200 lbs band beginner friendly?

If you have not exercised in years, we suggest our grey band that is 150 lbs. However, if you can do regular squats with no problem, we highly suggest our mint or pink band, 200 lbs, for better strengthening and glute growth results. Challenge yourself. We want to empower you with one of the toughest bands in the market.

Our 200 lb band is our best-selling one because it is challenging but not impossible for most beginners. It is definitely a mighty one. ;)


4. Are the mint and pink bands different?

Nope. They are exactly the same in length, width, and strength. They are both 14 inches long and 3 inches wide and 200 lbs. The only thing different is the color. Pick your favorite color!


5. Which side of the core sliders do I use?

If you are using them on the carpet, the plastic side should be touching the carpet. If you are using them on the hardwood floor, the foam side should be touching the hardwood floor.

Place your foot or hand on each of the discs and use them to glide on the surface to slide and perform your desired workout.


Don't see any of your questions answered?

Send us an email at [email protected]! We typically respond in one business day. Happy to help!