Help us generate word of mouth about Mighty Buns’ brand. Help us empower, educate, and elevate women in the strength training and weight lifting industry by sharing our content and promoting Mighty Buns’ fitness accessories, while getting awarded with commission payments!

Program Details and FAQ

How can I earn money as an ambassador?

There are two ways you can earn money as a Mighty Buns Ambassador:

  1. Earning points by completing challenges from our Facebook group.
  2. Earning commission on purchases made as a Mighty Buns Affiliate.

How do I participate in Mighty Buns challenges?

After you are accepted into the Facebook group, all of the resources you need to get started will be listed in the “About” section. Join here.

What do I gain from completing challenges?

You will gain points that can be redeemed for Mighty Buns products or cash.

Where can I apply to be an ambassador?

Request to join the Mighty Buns Ambassador Facebook group here! If you would like to also receive commission on your sales, then you must create your account here.


What is the difference between being an affiliate versus being an ambassador for Mighty Buns?

As an affiliate you will receive commission for every purchase made using the link or code you provide to your audience.

As an ambassador you are a member of our Facebook Group community and are completing challenges and earning rewards.

You can do both or just one of them!

What is is a modern creator website platform that allows users to easily share different links and Mighty Buns’ products on their page, allowing their followers to purchase products directly from their page. also allows creators a greater sense of autonomy with our products and a more interactive experience with our brand. Beacons will be the platform you use to gain commissions on your sales.

Getting started is simple and free. Beacons allows you to sign up now and start earning commissions today. Beacons will automatically maintain, manage, and track all transactions completed as a result of the leads from your site. The program tracks each user from the moment they click to purchase a Mighty Buns' product to the final completion of sale. Through a secure connection with the merchant’s server, all pertinent information from the sale is forwarded to Beacons.
Beacons is a neutral third party, so feel confident that you will receive the appropriate commission for each referred sale.

How much commission can I make on Beacons?

You will earn a 10% cash commission for every Mighty Buns sale made from your Beacons feed.


How can I get a coupon code to offer?

Yes, when you create an account with us, we will automatically generate you a 10% discount coupon that you can offer to your friends and family.

You can find and access your coupon code in Affiliate Dashboard section.

How can I check how much commission I’ve earned?

From your account in, click on your icon at the top right corner and then 'Affiliate Dashboard.'

How can I redeem my commission?

From, click on your icon at the top right corner, then 'Affiliate Dashboard' and scroll all the way down to enter your PayPal email. 


I created my Beacons account. Now what?

  1. Go to:
  2. Click “Add Product” for all Mighty Buns products. This will display all MB products on your Beacons page!
  3. Put your Beacons link in your Instagram Bio Link section!

I only want to be a part of the Facebook group and complete challenges. Is that okay?

Yes! If you would like only participate in challenges and opt out of the commission received from your Beacons account (or vice versa), that is totally up to you. We support your ability to choose how you succeed as an ambassador.


If you have any questions in regards to our affiliate program, please let us know by reaching out to us at [email protected].

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If you would like to use our banners, brand media kit, buttons, and logo, feel free to reach out to us. We will send you the whole sha-bang. ✨