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Mighty Buns

Band and Ankle Straps Bundle (3 pcs)

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Bring your workouts to the next level and grow your booty with Mighty Buns Hip Band! 

What makes our band special:

  • DESIGN MATTERS: On a mission to design aesthetically appealing fitness products. Hot pink is not the only color that should represent women at the gym, nor is it the only color that women like with their style.
  • QUALITY MATTERS: Heavy-duty resistance band is made with superior quality materials, creating a durable, smooth, and soft fabric surface for even elasticity.
  • IMPORTANT FEATURES: Non-slip grips on the inner-layer of the bands to prevent them from rolling up and slipping during a workout.
    • Pink/ Mint Band has up to 200 lbs of resistance for overall glute building exercises, such as donkey kicks, hip thrusts, glute bridges, squats, jump squats, frog pumps, etc.
    • Grey Band has up to 150 lbs of resistance for side booty building exercises, such as crab walks, hip abduction, one-legged glute bridges, etc.
  • WORKOUT COMPATIBILITY: Brings your glute, hip activation, and strength training workouts intensity up a notch, while improving your form. Can be used for Weightlifting, CrossFit, Hot Yoga, Insanity, P90x, Pilates, Bikini Body Guides, and more!
  • FOR WARM UP/EXERCISE: Activates your glute and adds heavy-duty resistance to your favorite lower body exercises such as squats, hip thrusts, abductors, kickbacks, and more! 

What makes our ankle strap special:

  • FEATURES: Premium quality thick neoprene padding for heavy weights, lightweight design, and adjustable ankle cuff. It looks great and easily fits in your gym bag.
  • COMFORTABILITY: Adjustable support straps secured with heavy-duty velcro, making this strap extremely easy to adjust, put on, and take off. Fits any ankle size effortlessly. Designed for any fitness level, beginners to heavy-lifters. 
  • 🍑 BOOTY ISOLATION WORKOUTS: Cable Kickbacks, Cable Straight Leg Kickbacks, Cable Hip Abduction & Adduction, and many more! Increase your strength and sculpt your booty.
  • 💪🏽 OTHER ISOLATION EXERCISES: Cable Leg Mountain Climbers, Cable Lunges, Inner & Outer Thigh Contractions, and many more! This ankle strap for the cable machine is perfect for muscle isolation exercises, especially for your glutes, hamstrings, and quads.

Your set includes:

  • A heavy-duty hip band that features an inner layer with grips
  • A set of ankle straps (2 pieces, a pair) with thick padding
  • A compact mesh carrying bag
  • A small thank-you postcard!